I wish you would love me, if only to prove a point

Louna, I changed everything or everything changed me I am not sure which, I have blue eyebrows and green hair.
I am off the rails, I changed far to much in a much to small amount of time, everything I vowed I would never do I did, I both love and despise this.
I seem to be a mass of things that should not be able to piece together into one but do.
My true loves are - whiskey, books , music , lights and poetry - words.
I am lazy pessimistic and unmotivated i never sleep with my window shut.
I can pin point the day my life changed irrevocably forever.
I have an obsessions with cigarettes, glass bottles, boxes ,my room, porn, tattoos,bread, Mexican food, incense,night walks, doc martens ,clothes ,cocktails, danger, risks, illegal intoxicants, the night ,girls ,boys and hair dye.

Who are you, why are you here ?

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So, if you put your URL in here, you can listen to all the music you’ve ever blogged.


Oh my sweet baby Jesus.

The happiness I feel right now is amazing


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Pweety Please🙏

PLEASE read news about the Hong Kong protests for democracy. It started nights ago, two nights was when the Hong Kong Police turned the situation into an UN-NEEDED VIOLENCE towards those just trying to save their beloved city they call home. 

Watch this video to see some of the situations. 

A second night of protests went on last night, it had moved from not only the entire central area but even mong kok. Where thousands of Hong Kong and non Hong Kong citizens sat on the streets on roads, cars parked on the roads to stop the traffic and police cars. We sat, for our voices, to show the government. We do not want violence, we want our voices heard. And the police made a massive mistake going against us because they have just lost our trust. 

We are Hong Kong, and we are not standing down. Please support us.